The Bible is amazingly relevant for every stage of life. In the Bible, you will find clear answers to the questions, issues, and situations you face today. Increasing your knowledge and understanding of the Bible relates directly to your continuing growth and maturity as a Christian. At Spring Valley, we have classes for every age group, see the selections below and come see us!

18 yrs - 29 yrs (single)
 Bro. Kenton Crews

Married - up to 35 yrs

 Bro. Dennis Crews

Faithful Followers   36 yrs - up to 45 yrs

 Bro. Jace Preston

Seed Sowers

46 yrs - up to 55 yrs
 Bro. Glenn Dotson


56 yrs - up to 64 yrs
 Bro. Dixon Myers, Jr.

 Seasoned Saints

65 yrs  and up

 Bro. Dixon Myers, Sr.


Women - any age

 Sister Beverly Dotson